Here’s your Friday link round up on all things relevant!


1. The New Class Trend: Coming out of New York City (obviously), is a new way to take your favorite classes with your favorite instructors. Follow them (and a more accommodating schedule!) with ClassPass. Pay for a one-size fits all membership at local fitness boutiques in cities where they’ve been established. Play at will.

2. But It’s All Bad News: Sick of watching WoodTV8 just to hear about all of the fires, shootings and car accidents in West Michigan? Us, too. Thank goodness for Skimm, the new email newsletter that rounds up all of the most relevant pieces of information from the past day and sends them to you early enough to grab your iPad and read on the elliptical (we open at 6am!). Only drawback: no local news. Guess you’ll have to settle for international relations over yet another Winter Weather Advisory.

3. Speaking of Winter Weather Advisory: Sure, we get a lot of snow and cold over in West Michigan, but at least we know how to drive in it by now. Louisville, Kentucky was hit with a round of snow that shut down their interstates and deployed the National Guard. Dallas, Texas found its streets covered in ice (and, presumably, no salt to lessen the effects). And here in Michigan, we’re springing forward with 6 inches of snow on the ground and temperatures below 10 degrees. Ah, the north.

4.What’s Going On At Girlfriends: SO. MUCH. Tomorrow begins our next 6 Week Commit to Be Fit program. Last time, our 10 members lost a total of 71 inches and some awesome poundage. If one of your girlfriends asks you to sign something for her, give her some extra encouragement! It’s for the program, and she’ll need that support after a couple weeks of Kelly and Pamela’s workout plans.

We also have our Spring Cleaning Event coming up on two weeks, so be sure to pre-register to get access to our detoxification yoga class, aromatherapy and clean eating information sessions, juices, smoothies and kid’s events!

Enjoy your Fridays, don’t forget to set your alarm back tomorrow morning and, most of all,┬áremember: you go girl!